Bones are important! They hold you upright and safeguard the internal organs of the body. The skull protects the most strong yet delicate organ -the brain. The only exposed bone of our body is the teeth. Bones, from your spinal column to the long bones in your leg need nourishment to support their function.

Osteoporosis, a serious condition that leads to the breakup of bones is a common syndrome today and this is largely because of poor nourishment and unhealthy lifestyle. In this article, learn what causes deterioration in the bone and how you can strengthen your bones naturally.

Calcium is not the only mineral for bones

There is a predominant misconception that bones are made up largely of calcium. However, they are not! Many minerals make up bones. However, Calcium is like the king of minerals. It takes along with it the rest of minerals as it travels into the cells and that is why experts talk only about Calcium when it comes to bone health.

Bones are made up of 12 minerals and 64 trace minerals. Here are the 12 minerals that makeup bone:

  • Boron
  • Calcium
  • Chromium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Selenium
  • Sulphur
  • Silica
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorous
  • Zinc

Bones need all these minerals in a fine balance. So, where do we find all these minerals? Did you know that sea water contains all the minerals that make up our body? Sea water contains 92 minerals in the right balance that your body needs. That doesn’t mean you need to drink sea water. Prevent osteoporosis by taking following steps-

Strengthen Bones with Sea Salt that are full of Minerals

You need to go to another potent source that contains all the minerals – Sea Salt, Celtic Salt and Himalayan Rock Salt. Celtic Salt has 82 essential minerals, the closest you can get to sea water and has more magnesium as well in addition to it. The Himalayan Rock Salt has the same ratio of 82 minerals but with a lesser quantity of magnesium.

You can consume both the salt in your daily food to get more of the minerals in your body. Avoid table salt and other refined salts that do not have the essential minerals in them.

In a book called The Calcium Lie, Dr Robert Thompson states that if you end up taking too much calcium supplements as a means to strengthen your bones, you set yourself up for an array of health hazards including obesity, Type 2 diabetes, Type 2 hypothyroidism, hypertension, depression, problem pregnancies and more.

What your body needs in unrefined sea salt in its organic form. He advocates taking a crystal of Celtic salt with a glass of water to replace the lost minerals in your body. When you have 8 glasses of water each day with a crystal of Celtic Salt you can revitalize your body with the essential minerals.

Go Organic and Consume Mineral-Rich Diet

The soil today is devitalized and many farmers are not replacing compost back into the soil. Therefore, minerals are lost in the food and vegetables that we consume. Go as organic as possible so that the food is not tainted with chemicals and devoid off its mineral content.

Include whole grains and dark green leafy vegetables as these have the highest mineral content in them. Organic grains and greens are your best bet for ensuring that you get all the minerals in their fine balance. Cook vegetables in such a way that you don’t lose the water content as you boil them.

Avoid Foods that Leave an Acid Base

Foods that leave an acidic residue after metabolizing in the body leeches on the minerals and make it hard to absorb them. These include refined sugars, caffeine, hybridized wheat, meat, non-organic dairy products, alcohol and tobacco.

When you consume too much acid-forming food, the Calcium is pulled out of the bones to alkalize the blood and restore the proper acid-alkaline balance. The extra calcium is then deposited on the bones, joints causing arthritis, osteoporosis and bone spurs.

Maintain Healthy Progesterone and Estrogen Levels

Many women aged as early in their 30s and 40s suffer from low bone density. This is largely because of an imbalance in their hormones. When there is too much estrogen and too little progesterone, it can contribute to osteoporosis. Progesterone stimulates osteoblasts that inturn help boost up the bone building cells. Adopt natural ways to restore the right hormonal balance to prevent bone deterioration as you age.

Weight-Bearing Exercise to Strengthen Bones

Research confirms that weight-bearing exercises are important in the regulation of bone mass. Aerobic exercises, High Intensity Interval Training, Yoga Asanas all improve the bone structure. You need to exercise by putting some impact or stress on your muscoloskeletal system. Walking or swimming alone will not do, you need to indulge in muscle toning, weights, squatting, push-ups, vigorous walking or jogging will definitely help.

Optimize Calcium and Vitamin D Levels

Many people are put on calcium supplements for bone-related conditions. However don’t rely solely on supplements. Calcium is necessary for bones but there are natural ways to obtain it in the right balance along with other minerals. Some food sources you can rely on are Sesame seeds, unhomogenised milk, organic dairy products, organic soy, chickpeas and greens.

In addition to this Vitamin D also positively impacts bone health. Vitamin D deficiency is a major contributing factor to poor bone health and low bone mineral density. Soak up Vitamin D naturally with sunlight and other food sources.


Start taking action today to protect your bones. Consider the above factors which can play an integral role in the deterioration of bones and take the right steps to strengthen your bones accordingly. Osteoporosis which is so prevalent today was not even heard of 100 years ago. And, the biggest reason for its prevalence is an unhealthy diet and lifestyle. So, don’t always blame it on the age. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


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