As you all may be aware, there is no permanent cure or vaccine to prevent COVID-19 infection till now. The best way to stay safe is by strengthening your immune system. Strong immunity not only plays a pivotal role in combating the infectious COVID-19 but also provide all-time protection against any ailment.


The rising stress and anxiety due to the pandemic can worsen your body’s Immune response, thereby increasing the risk of getting affected with Covid-19. This is where your holistic health including physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle becomes significant in lowering your risks.


Physical distancing, hand washing, using sanitizers, and other preventive measures to avoid the exposure of the virus remain crucial. In addition, following the various Naturopathic & principles of Yoga can help to strengthen your immunity and help you to build your health reserve. 

Here are some guidelines that are safe for all including the vulnerable groups like children below 10 years, senior citizens above 65 years, individuals with Immune compromised illnesses, Diabetes, cardiac ailments, etc: 


Naturopathy for Building Immunity for COVID-19; General Measures


  • Stay home, stay safe
  • Maintain social distancing while away from home
  • Use a mask and wash your hands frequently with soap
  • Drink plenty of warm water throughout the day
  • Wash all the consumables well 


Balanced vegetarian diet


  • Consume a well-balanced diet with foods low on oils, sugar, and 2 servings of a diet rich in protein (pulses and legumes), healthy fats, colored fruits, vegetables (Ashgourd, bottle gourd, capsicum, Amla, Beans).
  • Have  nuts like Almonds, walnuts, cashew (5 each) and seeds like Pumpkin, Chia, sunflower (1 tsp each) can help build your Immunity
  • At least one serving of cereals, millets, curd, 200 ml of buttermilk or curd along with two servings of fruits would add anti-oxidants and probiotics required for strengthening the body’s defense mechanism.
  • Reduce the intake of salt, sugar, cold items like soft drinks, beverages like tea and coffee, etc
  • Avoid consumption of cigarette and alcohol


Herbal Tea Mix 

Prepare a ready mixture of the following ingredients:

Tulsi- 1 handful, crushed ginger-1 tsp, roasted crushed jeera – 1 tsp, and lemongrass- 2 nos

Add the mix in 200 ml of water

Boil the ingredients and reduce it to 100 ml

Serve with 1 tsp of jaggery


Physical Activity 

Any of the following activity for a duration of 45minutes regularly would aid in maintaining good health

Yoga, walking, jogging, dancing, or any other physical activity.



You may choose activities that give you a feeling of mindfulness.

Breathe awareness meditation, Pranayama, Om chanting, positive thinking, and visualization are some you can try.



Sunbathing for 10 minutes daily either in the morning between 7-8 AM or in the evening between 5-6 PM may help to maintain levels of vitamin D and thereby improve the Immune response


Water therapy  

Adequate intake of warm water throughout the day (8-10 glasses) 

Steam inhalation with eucalyptus oil can keep the respiratory tract clean 

Hotfoot bath for 10 minutes before bedtime can help in getting sound sleep.



7-8 hours of sleep is crucial for repair and growth of our body


We believe that following the above guidelines would help you maintain good health and prevent yourself and your family from catching COVID-19 infection.


Ameya Devikar

Dr. Ameya Devikar, BNYS, PGDCR, works as a Principal Naturopath at Nisargopchar Ashram, Uruli Kanchan, Pune. She has more than 8 years of experience in treating chronic conditions and has recently published a book on Nature Cure for Psoriasis.