Worm infections are a natural part of growing up in children. Whether it’s joining in team sports at camp, playing outdoors with friends, or getting ready to go back to school and see their friends after a holiday, there are countless circumstances where children can potentially be infected.

Sharing is a ubiquitous part of childhood and may come with worms, but that should not stop your children from experiencing those playful, inquisitive and formative moments of being a kid. In this article learn all about deworming children with Ayurveda. 

What are Worms?

Tiny little parasitic organisms that take refuge in your kid’s intestine, worms can lay eggs and spread over. They mostly attach themselves to the walls of the intestine to leech on nutrients and survive. There are several types of worms ranging from tapeworms, intestinal worms, flatworms, pinworms and more.

Causes of Worms in Children

These worms enter into the human body primarily through contaminated water, contaminated food, and unhygienic conditions. Also, walking barefoot on an infected surface causes worms to enter. Children are more exposed to worms since they tend to touch various things and put their hands in their mouth. It is common but can be prevented and treated naturally with ease.

Signs that your Child has Worms

Itching Around the Anus – This is the most common giveaway that your child has worms in their body. The worms reach the anus especially early in the morning, making it very irritable and itchy.

Abdominal Pain – Mistaken for other health issues, this is another common symptom of worms in kids. That too, recurrent pain around the navel is a direct manifestation of the presence of worms.

Foul Smelling Stools – A very foul smell from your child’s stool indicates an infection and can be due to worms.

Disturbed Sleep – All the symptoms of itching, pain, and restlessness can lead to a lack of or disturbed sleep at night.

Increase or Decrease in Appetite – Excessive hunger is usually a sign that body is craving for more nutrition due to parasitic infection. Especially, an increase in the intake of high sugar foods is a sign that something is wrong. At times, kids can also experience low appetite, thereby a decrease in their weight.

Excessive Dry Skin – White patches on the face, excessively dry skin, skin boils can also occur due to infection by worms

Spitting Saliva – If your child starts to spit a lot without any rhyme or reason, it may not be a sign of bad mannerism, but worms in the belly.

Other Signs – Vomiting, Nausea, Constipation, Diarrhea, whole body Itching, teeth grinding for no odd reason, bedwetting, headache, nose-picking are some other symptoms to watch out for.

 Deworming Children with Ayurveda 


Eliminate junk food and high sugar from your kids’ diet and choose fresh organic vegetables, fruits, and grains. According to Ayurveda worm growth is nurtured through a weak digestive fire, so strengthen the digestive system by including natural spices like Turmeric, Ajwain, Black Pepper, Asofoetida, Ginger, Black Salt, and Garlic.

Ayurvedic Herbs for Deworming

 A decoction of Nagarmotha, Daruharidra, drumstick bark along with powder of Pippali and Vidanga removes all the intestinal worms. The powder of Vidanga or mixture of dry ginger, black pepper, and pippali along with honey, if consumed for 15 days will also help. Ajwain mixed with a pinch of natural salt can be taken on an empty stomach for a week to completely get rid of worms as well. Tulsi leaves are also a natural herb to destroy impurities in the system.

Natural Food Remedies

Nutmeg or Jaiphal can be made into a paste along with jaggery or palm sugar to be given to toddlers in order to prevent intestinal worm. Raw papaya consumed in an empty stomach will keep worms at bay. Other foods like Coconut, carrots, bitter gourd, pumpkin, pomegranate, peach and apples can also be incorporated.

Boiled Water

The habit of drinking warm water, coconut water or water medicated with Ajwain or Vidanga helps in eliminating worms. 

Basti or Ayurvedic Enema

An effective treatment for older children, basti is the administration of medicated oils through the anus. It provides an herbal cleansing effect and nourishment directly into the intestines and colon. Prior to doing basti, you can also apply castor oil around the belly button in a circular clockwise motion to strengthen digestion.

Kids love to play in the dirt and they love to interact closely with their friends. Worms can be an integral part of their childhood. With proper hygiene habits, right diet, and natural deworming remedies, you can protect your children against parasitic worms.

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