Long Long Ago, when there was no western medicine in our land, the very first immunization given to the newborn baby was Swarnaprashana. Swarnaprashan is an ancient ritual and part of the sixteen samskaras started by our forefathers. However, now it is a forgotten tradition.

Swarnaprashna is a unique method of giving swarna bhasma or gold ash mixed with honey and ghee, fortified with herbal extracts of Arka such as vacha, brahmi, shankupushpi. The oral dose of swarnaprashana is given on Pushya Nakshatra that falls on specific days of every month.  It has been critically appraised as a positive health care program for children.

Immunity from an Ayurvedic Perspective

Immunity is nothing but tolerance of diseases and attacks from foreign bodies. As opposed to modern medicine which primarily relies on immunization and boosters, Ayurveda aims to balance the state of body and mind. It helps prevent the manifestation of diseases and fights it at the same time, incorporating both preventive and curative aspects.

Swarnaprashana is a holistic remedy that not only builds the overall immunity but also aids in memory, intelligence and cognitive functions of the brain. While individual vaccines focus on specific diseases, swarnaprashna builds resistance to infections by developing non-specific immunity. 

Boost the Innate Immunity of Your Child with Swarnaprashana: Benefits 

The practice of swarnaprashana started during Vedic ages. Ghrya Sutras, Manusmriti, Kashyapa Samhita or Vridha Jeevaka Tantra have many references on swarnaprashana as way back in 600 B.C. According to this sacred text the benefits of swarnaprashana are as follows:

  1. Medha – Improves intelligence and memory

It improves focus, attention and grasping abilities of a child along with improved memory. As the brain develops at a rapid pace during the first 7-8 years, it is vital to fortify this development with right nutrients and swarnaprashana does that.

  1. Agni – Empowers Digestion and Metabolism

Infants and children often suffer from gastric discomfort, reduced appetite, and oxidative stress. Swarnaprashana accelerates the digestion process and helps the body to absorb essential nutrients from food.

  1. Bala – Strength

Bala refers to the characteristic physical and mental strength of an individual. It helps to instill strength in the body by improving blood circulation, stimulating the nervous system and promoting normal functions. Also, it strengthens the mind by improving cognitive function and reducing temper or tantrums by calming it down. In fact, it’s extremely beneficial for children with special needs like autism, ADHD, hyperactivity and other attention deficit disorders.

  1. Aayush – Gives long life

It gives a long, spiritual and saintly life to children who take it. Gold was always widely used in medicinal formulations during ancient times because of its many therapeutic qualities. Swarnaprashana helps to battle aging and increase longevity.

  1. Mangalam and Punyam – Auspicious and Virtuous

Swarnaprashana is considered to be both auspicious and virtuous for children.

  1. Vrushyam – Improve Fertility

Swarnaprashana helps to improve the fertility of both male and female. 

  1. Varnya – Increases Complexion and Nourishes Skin

It dispels harmful toxins from the body with its detoxifying properties. As a result, it improves skin texture and imparts a healthy glow to the skin. A good skin is a sign of good health.

  1.  Grahapaham – Protection against infectious organisms

Children are especially vulnerable to infections and administration of swarnaprashana helps to keep away diseases, cough, cold, upper respiratory tract infections and fever. It helps to strengthen their innate immunity.

Procedures of Swarnaprashana

Swarnaprashana is recommended for children between 0 to 16 years. Early administration is preferred for maximum benefits as it can stimulate the cognitive, emotional and physical growth of the children right from birth.  

The dosage is fixed by the Ayurvedic practitioner, however typically infant to five years old can have 1 drop, 5-10 years 2 drops and 10 to 16 years 3 drops. Kids should face east when consuming it as per the traditional norms.

It should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach and a gap of at least 30minutes to one hour is recommended for the intake of any solid food. The duration of administration can be daily for one month to 6 months, depending from case to case. But, traditionally it is considered auspicious to have it done on Pushya Nakshatra.

Why Swarnaprashana on Pushya Nakshatra Day?

Pushya literally translates to nourisher or thrive and is considered to be the star of nourishment among the 27 stars. It is the best day to undertake new works in order to reap positive outcomes and holds a great importance as per Siddha and Ayurveda.

Pushya Nakshatra falls every 27 days and it is ideal to have swarnaprashana on that day for maximum potency. According to the theory of radiation, the potency of the gold formulation will be optimal during the Pushya Nakshatra day.  You can give swarnaprashana on any other day, however, the efficacy can vary.

How Swarnaprashana Works

The base ingredients are Swarna – gold, Madhu – honey, Grutha – cow’s ghee. The ghee is at times fortified with herbal extracts to further make it powerful. As per Kashyapa’s sacred texts, the child will become Maasathparamamedhavi or intelligent, if fed for one month, Vyadhibhirna cha drishyate or will not be attacked by any disease and Shadbhirmasesruthadhara or child will be able to retain good memory, if fed for 6 months.

It can securely be administered to infants and children for their physical, mental and intellectual well-being. Even though clinical trials and studies are yet to be made to prove the benefits of Swarnaprashana, it has been critically appraised. Also, an observational study was undertaken in the state of Karnataka to assess the benefits of Swarnaprashana and it has reported positive results in terms of improved immunity, intelligence, and overall health. However, the actual Swarna or gold ash that is used should be of the pure form and selected appropriately. It is best to consult with a certified Ayurvedic practitioner for safe administration.

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