We live inside an amazing body and this body has an amazing capability to heal itself when given the right conditions. The state of disease generally occurs when you abuse your body or keep them deprived off their basic requirements. In this article, know all about the healing power of the body and how you can supply your body with the right conditions to heal itself.

The Cell and Its Ability to Renew Itself

The most fundamental unit of the human body is a cell. Every second that we are alive, the cells in your body work tirelessly to bring about a state of natural balance or equilibrium.

Each cell is a dynamic unit that constantly monitors and adjusts its own process. It works to restore itself according to the original DNA code it was created with and maintains its right balance within the body.

For instance, the cells in the gut lining called epithelium renew itself every 3 to 6 days, liver rebuilds in 6 weeks. Cells have the ability to heal itself and also regenerate if damaged. This is exactly what happens when you have a bleeding injury where the healing automatically happens.

And, this healing process is not just for injuries, but also for wear and tear. We give off dead cells in great numbers and grow new cells in our skin, mouth, intestines, and blood daily.

However, the body has the ability to heal itself in such a manner, then why do we fall sick? This is because you are not giving the body the right conditions to heal and maintain its state of balance.

Genetics Loads the Gun, Lifestyle Pulls the Trigger

We always like to attribute diseases to our genes. Bad Genes can be a contributing factor, but it is definitely not the only cause of diseases. You also have the capability to switch off the bad genes and switch on the good genes. This is called Epigenetics. What you eat and how you live can predominantly affect your genes and determine the onset of disease.

The blueprint of genes- DNA dictate the cell regeneration process. Following are the key components of DNA that are present in every cell of your body:

  • Polysaccharides – Form the outer covering of the DNA
  • Amino Acid – They make up the bands within the DNA
  • Minerals – Glues the helix structure of the DNA and holds it together

The RNA then makes copies of the code in the DNA and helps the cells to act upon its instructions. Cells are made, remade and renewed based on the instruction from the DNA. New cells are made inside units of the cell called ribosome.

How to build the healing power of your body: Understanding Diseases at the Cellular Level

Typically when new cells are made, it is essential for the cells to fetch the right information from your DNA. Failure to do so will possibly hamper the self-healing process of the cells. As a result, Diseases usually arise due to the failure of mechanisms within the cells. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Mineral Deficiency

Studies suggest that 92% of DNA damage stem from a mineral deficiency. The top reason for mineral deficiencies is because the soil that is used today to cultivate crops all lack minerals. The addition of pesticides leeches off the minerals and now the vegetables and fruits are devoid of their mineral content.

Other stimulants that cause mineral deficiencies in your body is high refined sugar, caffeine intake, alcohol, and tobacco. Parents who might be consuming too much of these stimulants can actually be passing on defective genes to their offspring.

  1. Genetically Modified Food

Genetically modified food was discovered as a breakthrough in technology, resulting in high yields of crops. However, they have a devastating effect on the human body and can damage your DNA. Tampering with mother nature is not always effective. Know the source of the produce that you consume on a daily basis and stay away from genetically modified food items.

  1. Electro Magnetic Field Access

We are electrical people and each cell in your body has a spark of electricity. Your body runs according to a precision balance and the electrical fields in the body is no exception. Overexposure to electromagnetic radiation can hamper the balance within your body. For instance, sleeping with cellphones under the pillow can give you headaches. Aim for a technology-free bedroom.

  1. Chemicals

Over 20,000 new chemicals are discovered every year. You can find bad chemicals in your laundry, cosmetics, food and other household items. Go as natural as possible when you use these products as with every usage it can take you closer to the onset of disease and hamper your healing power. Even over-use of drugs and medicine can expose you to chemicals that can disrupt the cellular healing power and cause cell damage.

  1. Free Radicals

Genes are also responsible for cleaning up your cells and remove toxins. Some protect cells from stress, while other release enzymes to fight toxins. Genes and toxins play a vital role in the aging process. The latest explanation – the ‘Green theory’ of aging – suggests that how you age depends on the genes that control how well your cells remove and recycle the toxic junk that builds up inside them.

Pay Attention to Lifestyle Factors

A healthy lifestyle is vital to prevent damage to cells and build up the natural healing power of your body. So focus on your diet, include plenty of leafy green vegetables in order to make up for the lost minerals in your body.

In addition, get proper rest and sleep as the body devotes most of its energy to repairing itself during your sleep time. Inadequate sleep can weaken your immune system and deter restorative processes.

Listen to the signs of your body to know if you are giving it the right conditions. Switch on the good genes in your body by understanding the top causes of cell damage and build the natural healing power of your body.

Your health lies in your hands. The more you work on your body by giving them what they really need, the less you will need to resort to doctor visits.



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