So often we say “Oh! I have got a bad running nose. My immune system is down”. But little do we know about what our immune system exactly is? You are equipped with a wonderful defense mechanism in your body that is designed to fight off infections, but how much of an importance do you really give to it? In this article, learn how to empower your immune system the natural way and how to keep it functioning optimally:


What Constitutes the Immune System in your Body?

You all have a protection around the body – it’s called Skin. When you break off your skin, your flesh and blood are exposed to various pathogens that can enter your body easily. That is why it’s important to protect your skin until it heals itself.

Next is the ears and they are equipped with tiny hair and the eardrum to naturally protect against pathogens. Your eyes have a mucous covering around the eyeball and eyelashes. Then comes the nose which again has tiny hair to trap dust or other undesirable things we breathe in.

The mouth also consists of mucous and good bacteria to trap harmful agents. Coming down to the Stomach, the stomach is an acid-base that contains Hydrochloric Acid. If any pathogens get there, this acid can wipe it off. The gut is equipped with microbiomes or healthy gut bacteria that also helps to remove pathogens.


The Role of White Blood Cells 

But what say, your hydrochloric acid is low and gut bacteria is also low, harmful pathogens now get into the blood. Now, your major part of the immune system comes to the rescue – the white blood cells. Let’s look at the five different types of white blood cells you have in your body:

  • Neutrophils – They make up most of the white blood cells accounting to 62%
  • Monocytes – This makeup about 18% of the white blood cells
  • Lymphocytes – They makes up of 16% and are present in the lymph nodes. It’s like your body’s vacuum cleaner that sucks and sweeps out waste from the tissues. Lymph nodes located in the neck take out waste through the nose in the form of mucus and there are also lymph nodes located in the armpit and groin.
  • Basophils – 2% of white blood cells constitute of basophils
  • Eosinophils – It makes up another 2% of the total count and these are your allergy fighters. When a person has any sort of allergy, usually there is an increase in their eosinophils count.

All of these white blood cells have the ability to call up each other in case there is an infection detected and they envelop the pathogen to attack it, giving off Pus or white liquid oozing off that location.


How to Strengthen the Immune System

As seen, your body naturally has a well-designed immune system and you can naturally boost its function. Blood, the lifeline of flesh is a natural healer and a strengthened blood flow is the key to unlock the power of the immune system.

Following are the Ways to empower the improve blood flow and thereby empower the immune system naturally:

  1. Alternate Hot Shower with a Cold Shower

The benefits of a cold shower are abundant. In fact, our ancestors all over the world swore by its benefits for everything from healing bruises to banishing hysteria. We see athletes increasingly use cold baths to ease muscle aches.

The best results come from alternating between hot and cold water. This technique known as contrast water therapy uses hot water for 2 to 3 minutes before suddenly switching to cold for 30 seconds and back again. What it does is that the hot water improves oxygen-rich blood flow and the cold water pulls back the blood to collect more oxygen. When done over a 10 or 20 minute period, it naturally boosts the disease-fighting white blood cells.

  1. Eat your Greens

Did you know that the molecular structure of blood and green vegetables are almost similar? The best nourishment you can give your blood is by eating leafy greens. Make it a staple in your everyday meals to experience a great boost in your immunity. Other potent immune boosting herbs include Olive Leaf Extract which has 400% antioxidant power,  Matcha, Lemons, Super Grains like Quinoa, Amaranth, Teff and Millets, Probiotic foods and other foods rich in Vitamin D and Vitamin C.


  1. Exercise Well

Apart from metabolic benefits, exercise also helps to keep your immune function optimal. The blood circulatory system consists of two distinct systems – cardiovascular circulation and lymphatic circulation.  Both work in tandem exchanging nutrients and waste. While the cardiovascular system is powered by heart, The lymphatic system is stimulated by muscle contractions.

A poor lymphatic circulation will lead to accumulation of toxins and immune cells won’t be delivered to the areas of the body where they are needed. Lack of exercise directly translates to poor lymphatic circulation and weakens your body’s natural ability to fight infection and diseases. Therefore, it’s important to work those muscles.


  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is a natural blood thinner and it makes up a large part of blood volume. So make sure you drink up enough water and don’t allow yourself to become dehydrated at any cost. This will keep your immune system working at its peak.


  1. Massage

A good body massage stimulates the blood and lymph vessels. Studies suggest that massage enhances circulation in a localized manner accelerating healing at a great pace and reducing inflammation. By applying pressure to the body, it keeps the fluid moving freely similar to the way of applying pressure to a tube of toothpaste to get it out.


  1. Shake it up with Rebounding and Vibration Therapies

Rebounding is a special section of exercise that gets your body moving up and down using the gravity pull. It is especially helpful in promoting the lymphatic circulation. The rhythmic up and down movement of rebounding causes the lymph system’s one-way valves to open and close, thereby increasing the lymph flow.

It increases oxygen uptake and promotes detoxification via the lymph nodes which is essential to boost your immune system. There are several ways to get you started. A simple technique is to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, bounce up and down without your feet leaving the mat. A more rigorous rebounding technique includes combining it with aerobics, jumping and more.

There are an infinite amount of microorganisms that surround you, but, you still remain reasonably healthy, right? Thank your immune system for defending you from these pathogens and disease-causing microbes. Step beyond gratitude to optimize the function of the immune system and promote your wellbeing.

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