Snacking on exercises is a new concept in the fitness world that reminds people that something is better than nothing. As the name suggests, it is all about involving in any type of physical activities for a shorter period of time in a day.

Lack of Exercises Leads to Many Health Problems

Lack of physical activity is a major challenge faced by many people across the globe. It leads an individual to several health problems, including obesity – a prime cause for several chronic illnesses, like type2 diabetes and heart diseases.

But many people across the world end up their day with guilt feeling that they did not spend enough time on exercise. And, they never forget to come up with all possible types of excuses for not doing exercise, said Lauren Parsons, a New Zealand-based wellness specialist and personal trainer. 

Parson said one of the most common excuses she heard from her patients is not getting enough time for physical activities. Whenever Parsons heard it from her patients, she asked them if they are getting enough time to brush their teeth daily. 

Parson revealed that it is because an individual takes nearly four minutes a day to brush his teeth twice daily. An individual needs only that much time to incorporate exercise in his daily routine. It will help him in building a foundation for leading an active life.

It is also worth noting that four minutes of exercise will not transform a person into a model or a celebrity. But an intense and brief burst of activity can be worthwhile. 

Short Burst of Exercises Go a Long Way 

A study that was published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism earlier this year explained the impact of short-interval exercises on an individual’s body. The research focussed on the relationship between cardiovascular health and “vigorous” stair climbing.

For the study, the researchers observed 24 sedentary young adults for a six-week period. The participants in the study were asked to climb a three-flight stairwell thrice daily with a few hours of break in between.

The participants tried snacking on exercise three days a week and the researchers said the result was very surprising. At the end of the study, they found that all the participants experienced improved cardiorespiratory fitness and strength.

The researchers concluded the study by stating that their finding makes it, even more, easier for people to incorporate physical activities in their daily routine. They said taking a few steps to reach out the nearby grocery shop and vigorously climbing a few steps in the apartment building will all add on to the fitness regime.

Snacking on Exercises Help all Age Groups 

 Snacking on exercise can benefit people belonging to any age groups, especially the aging population. A 2014 study suggested that snacking on exercises have their own health benefits on the aged ones. The research done by a team of scientists from the Abertay University in Scotland stated that spending six seconds a day on vigorous physical activity can transform the health of an elderly adult.

In a study published in the Journal Of The American Geriatrics Society, the researchers observed 12 pensioners. All the participants got involved in short bursts. They visited the lab twice in a week for six weeks to work out on an exercise cycle for six seconds. 

At the end of the study, the researchers witnessed a significant reduction in blood pressure levels of all the participants. The pensioners also experienced an increased oxygen flow in their muscles. 

Snacking on exercise is the best way to keep the aging population stays healthy, researcher John Babraj said. He also said that it can help them active and functioning, which will play a vital role in reducing the risk of several diseases, including diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses.

How to Snack on Exercises

There are several ways to snacking on exercises. Some of them are as below:

  • Start the day with a set of squads while flossing and brushing the teeth. 
  • During the workday, climb up a few flights of stairs or walk down the hall for a few minutes. 
  • On the weekends, clean or mop to the beats of a workout playlist. 

It is also important to note that a person’s heartbeat must raise and he should be able to strengthen his muscles while snacking on exercises to enjoy the health benefits of it.


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