The pleasure factor of alcohol is instantaneous. But it does more harm than good to your mind and body. You just cannot overlook its ill-effects which include slowed reflexes, warped thinking, cancer, liver damage, impaired memory, and lot more other impairments. In this article, learn how alcohol impacts your body and mind -ayurvedic perspective. 

These ill-effects happen each time a person takes a drink. And, the more you drink, the stronger the ill-effects. Those pleasurable effects tend to vanish, causing more damage than you can imagine. Aside from the bodily harm, it messes with your mind too. Let’s uncover the truth about how alcohol impacts every part of your body and mind:

Right from the first sip, alcohol permeates each cell of your body. Here are the ill-effects of alcohol on various parts of the body:

1. The Brain

The amount of damage alcohol causes to the brain is almost irreversible. From those little moments, you don’t remember from the crazy night before to long-term decline in cognitive function, alcohol has a far-reaching effect on your mind.

For starters, it stimulates the GABA and dopamine brain signals that are responsible for calming the mind and giving pleasure. It also releases endorphins. All these neurotransmitters are part of the rewarding system of the brain, and that’s why alcohol is associated with instant pleasure. However,  when too much of these neurotransmitters are released, it can lead to grave complications of depression, delusions, spasms, fatigue to name a few.

2. The Liver

The liver takes a huge hit when you consume alcohol as this is where it is metabolized. It breaks down alcohol into a chemical called acetaldehyde which is toxic and can cause cancer. It can also lead to accumulation of fat causing fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, and even a complete liver failure.

3. Pancreas

Another prime organ that takes a hit, alcohol causes inflammation of the pancreas. It is a major risk factor for pancreatic cancer and it also messes with the ability of the pancreas to produce insulin which in turn leads to diabetes.


Heavy drinking is hard on the heart too. It aggravates blood pressure and puts you at a great risk of cardiovascular diseases. From irregular heartbeats to inflammation of heart muscles, alcohol poses great dangers to the heart.

5. Bones

Calcium is very important for the bones and when you consume alcohol on a day-to-day basis it acts as a diuretic flushing out water, calcium and other water-soluble nutrients out of your system. This weakens your bones increasing the risk of osteoporosis and fractures.

6. Gut

Alcohol consumption damages your stomach by inducing an acidic state. It irritates and causes inflammation in the stomach lining. It also affects your colon by producing tumors and polyps which can be large and cancerous.

7. Central Nervous System

Alcohol has certain immediate effects like slurred speech, blurred vision, decreased reaction times, weakened muscles and impaired memory. With prolonged consumption, it can cause damage at the cellular level and lead to neuropathy causing weakness in the body.

How Alcohol Impacts your Body and Mind – Ayurvedic Perspective

While alcohol can play dirty tricks on your mind by giving you temporary satisfaction. In the long run, it is detrimental to life. According to the Ayurvedic perspective, alcohol is the opposite of Ojas which is the main factor responsible for a long and healthy life of the body. It destroys the Ojas of the body in the following ways

  • Ushna (Hot) – Increases body heat
  • Tiskshna (Sharp) – Digresses the mind to do wrong things and cuts through internal body organs silently
  • Sukshma (Subtle) – It has the ability to permeate through each tissue of the body
  • Amla (Sour) – Releases toxins in the body and leads to blood impurity
  • Vyavaei (Dominates all of the body) – Increase interest towards bad things or habits and causes behavioral changes
  • Aasuga (Rapid) – Causes rapid changes in the mind and body
  • Ruksha (Rough) – Induces an acidic state in the body and disturbs body equilibrium
  • Vikashi (Expansive) – Ability to spread rapidly throughout the blood after you drink
  • Visada (Drying) – Destroy sperms in the body and messes with estrogen levels of females eventually affecting the reproductive system

Ayurvedic Arishtas

With that said, certain Ayurvedic formulations called Arishtas have herbalised wines which are potent treatments for various illnesses. But, this is done under proper guidance and the amount consumed is no more than 4 to 6 teaspoons.  Ayurveda clearly states that alcohol is a poison when consumed too much at an inappropriate place, time and manner.

In Conclusion

Long-term consumption of Alcohol is not friendly to the body and mind. Hangovers are still uncomprehended by science and these are actually bouts of amnesia. Alcohol poisoning is expansive and causes grave damage to health and overall balance. If you or a loved one is dependent on alcohol, seek professional help to take charge. 

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