It is quite natural to feel lonely as you get older. As family members move out of the house and go far away, old friends leave the town and you retire out of work, loneliness is inevitable. In India, one in every two senior citizens suffer from loneliness and every fifth senior citizen is in need of some kind of psychological counseling, says a study by the Agewell Foundation.

But, it is in your hand to conquer loneliness and let it not consume you too much. Here are some tips on overcoming old age loneliness.


Invest in your Health

As you succumb to loneliness and isolation, you can tend to ignore your health and well-being. It can put you through depression causing feelings of sadness, despair, loss of appetite, apathy, sleeping woes, reluctance to make a decision and even suicidal thoughts.

When you get lonely, you are bound to feel no concern for yourself and therefore, engage in unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol, smoking, eating unhealthy food or indulging in a sedentary lifestyle.

Instead, concentrate on your health during your golden years. Hit the gym, enroll in a Yoga class and walk outdoor. This will give you a chance to meet new people and forge new friendships as well. One great part of being active and healthy is that it will stimulate your brain and release hormones that make you feel positive about yourself. It would also help in growing more brain cells. 

This, will give you the much-needed energy booster and help you stay focused. You will then be ready to take on whatever may come about in your life.


Get Creative

Don’t be afraid of getting old, be afraid of getting bored. Indulge in creative avenues that make your mind let loose and relax. Whether it is writing books, performing music or painting art, there are a plethora of activities worth trying out.

The best part about being creative is that you can constantly challenge your brain and do anything you like as long as you put your mind to it. You can also give back to your society at large by indulging in social welfare and volunteering activities.

All this will bring a sense of satisfaction that you can still make a difference and nothing, not even old age can just stop you.


Reminisce and Be Appreciative

As you age, you start thinking about what you have done with your life so far and then wonder if you have done things right. Some start to blame themselves and this will hurt your emotional health a big deal.

Be accepting of your life and look back at happy memories of your life. Appreciate yourself for all the great things you have done. Be happy with what you are and what you have, instead of worrying yourself.

Indulge in mindfulness and meditation to help you feel positive about yourself. Along with meditation, also try Pranayama techniques to induce positive energy within your mind and body.

Stay Connected

Spend time with family and friends, don’t shut off yourself from the world. Go out shopping for grocery at the local supermarket or organic store and visit friends casually. It is also a good idea to stay along with your family and assist them in taking care of children. You can also use this time to bond with your partner. 

Else, adopt a pet and enjoy their company if you live alone. Caring for the pet, you will feel like that there is someone in your life that depends on you and also cares about you.

Another alternative is to take help of NGOs who are readily available to assist senior citizens with anything they might need like visiting doctors, undertaking online transactions, shopping or even just companionship.

There is more to life with every passing moment so make use of your time in the most efficient way. Conquer your loneliness and be healthy! After all, Age is just a number…


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