Modern living is better but it takes a toll on one’s body. With our busy lives, we are putting pressure on our minds and bodies, unknowingly. The water that we drink, the air that we breathe; the processed and junk foods that we eat, the stress that we go through every day, the unhealthy lifestyle that we live- all are responsible for accumulating the toxins in our body. These toxins are not easy to get rid of. When these toxins accumulate enough, we fall ill. Then we feel low on energy, our appearances suffer and we look older than our age.

What is Detox?

A regular detox has absolutely become must in our modern lives. It is a cleansing process which takes a holistic approach by working, not only on the body but also on the mind and spirit. Detoxification cleanses the body off all the toxins. This process neutralizes and eliminates the toxins that harm the body. The excretory system consisting of the liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin, body, lymphatic system- all work together to transform the toxins into less harmful compounds and excrete them from our bodies. It also helps to strengthen the body’s own detoxification process such as methylation.

A toxin’s journey

  • Toxins enter our body either by the air that we breathe (lungs), the food that we eat (digestive tract) or through the skin (personal care products)
  • Toxins are then transported via bloodstreams to the liver
  • The liver breaks down most toxins by a myriad of enzymes and antioxidants and rendered non-toxins
  • Once rendered non-toxic by the liver, the toxic material from the body is removed via the kidneys (urine) and skin (sweat) and bowel.

Role of the liver in detox

A healthy liver works to properly recognize, filter and remove toxins from the body. An unhealthy liver along with poor functioning digestive organs can slow the removal of toxins. They are more likely to cause harm to your health over a period of time. But if the liver is provided proper nutrition and its exposure to toxins is restricted, the body is able to regenerate healthy cells and replace the damaged ones.

The benefits of Regular Detox

Detoxification has some amazing health benefits.

  1. Eliminating toxins: We can control what we eat but we cannot control the toxins in the air that we breathe or toxins that come from food or personal hygiene products. Cutting out these toxins has huge health benefits.
  2. Increases energy levels: After a detoxification people have improved and sustained energy levels.
  3. Makes you reset your food choices: The goal of a detox plan should be long term. It helps you analyze what you eat and reset your eating choices and habits.
  4. Controls cravings and curbs food addiction: A smart detox plan controls binge eating and unnecessary weight gain.  A good detox also helps to overcome alcohol and drug addiction. 
  5. Managing stress: Cortisol, the stress hormone takes a toll on the liver and decreases its function. A detox diet, high in blood sugar balancing food regulates the cortisol levels- thus reducing stress in life.
  6. Strengthens immunity and digestion: Detoxification concentrates on the digestive system. Inculcating a lot of water and fiber-rich diet helps to improve the bowel movement. A detox diet eliminates waste, filters environmental toxins from the bloodstream and reduces the hunger pangs.

How to Detox?

  1. Including dark leafy veggies, herbs and algae in your diet to purify the blood, making it easier for the body to get rid of toxins
  2. Fasting- this is a very effective method which gives the digestive system a much-needed break from the constant intake of food. A period of 3 to 14 days of fasting in a year is sufficient for a healthy detoxification.
  3. Enemas or colon cleanse- cleansing the colon on a regular basis is a good habit to maintain a healthy body. Whatever we eat, goes into the colon where our body absorbs the nutrients. An enema therapy involves the clearing of waste from within the body (rectum) by washing and expelling the toxic contents.
  4. Oil massages and saunas that completely cleanse the body are a great way to detox.
  5. Kidney packs, liver packs, hydrotherapy, steaming, and sauna are some of the other methods used for detox.

Also, do not forget to nourish your soul. Pent-up emotions are the primary cause of many chronic conditions. So go ahead make detox a way of life to keep yourself physically and emotionally fit. 

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