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As promised in our previous article, “To Sleep or Not To Sleep: The Impact of Insomnia on Health,” here are the healthy, ayurvedic remedies to Insomnia. In our previous article, we discussed the symptoms, causes, and effects of Insomnia. Irrespective of the causes or symptoms, Insomnia is treatable by simple lifestyle changes. Instead of shelling out money on expensive sleep-inducing pills that might come with a variety of side effects, try these simple ayurvedic remedies to beat insomnia and sleep soundly.

Five Proven Healthy, Ayurvedic  Remedies  to Beat Insomnia

Oils to the rescue

Ayurvedic and essential oils like Brahmi, Jasmine, Coconut, Lavender oils help in soothing your nerves. Hence, they are one of the greatest sleep inducers ever. Slightly warm these oils and apply them gently on your scalp as well on the soles of your feet. Try this every night at least 10-15 minutes before you want to sleep.

Drink warm milk before going to bed

Drink a glass of warm milk, preferably Almond milk, before going to bed every night. To make this remedy work better, you can also add a hint of Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng) to your milk.

Drink ayurvedic teas like Ginger or Chamomile tea

Ayurvedic teas like Ginger Tea or Gourmet Tea like Chamomile help in treating indigestion and insomnia respectively. Therefore, include these teas in your diet. Also, reduce or rather restrict the intake of aerated drinks totally.

Consume Pipplomool Churna and Swamamakhshik Bhasma with water

While the former treat respiratory issues and chronic body aches to induce the requires sleep, the latter Swamamakhshik Bhasma while taken with a bit of jaggery and water induces sleep to people of any age, who are suffering from sleep disorders.

Practice yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation are one of the best solutions for any kind of disorders. Practicing basic yoga, like Surya Namaskar, Basic Asanas, Pranayama, etc., will help in relieving stress thus improving one’s sleep cycle. Similarly, meditation also calms one’s nerves and helps in sleeping right.

Food items to include in your everyday diet to beat insomnia

There are some food items that instantly help in curing the symptoms of insomnia. Adding these edible products to your daily diet eventually helps in improving your concentration, beating insomnia, and getting you back to your normal life. Some of such miraculous but readily available items are:


Yes, the Jeera/Cumin from your kitchen is a well-known home remedy for treating Insomnia. Boil cumin seeds in water, drain it and drink the remains. Replace your usual water with this cumin-infused water. This water not only helps in beating insomnia but also helps in alleviating any basic respiratory disorders that you might have. Alternatively, you can also dry roast cumin, powder them, mix it with a ripe banana, and consume it to treat sleeplessness.


Celery juice is known to have properties that calm one’s nervous system. If you are not fond of drinking milk before sleeping, drink a glass of celery juice with honey. Gradually, you will see your sleeplessness disappear totally

Yogurt or Buttermilk

Sometimes, the major reason for insomnia is lack of calcium. Yogurt or better still buttermilk is filled with calcium just like milk. Eating a cup full of yogurt every day improves the natural calcium content in your body, thus reducing sleeplessness.


Serotonin, another important nutrient that is needed for good sleep, is present in fruits like Banana. Eating one banana before sleep or drinking a glass of banana smoothie will help in improving your sleep routine to a greater level.


Cherries, especially in the juice form, is another great sleep inducer. Alternatively, you can also drink cherry tea. Cherry has high levels of melatonin that helps in naturally reducing body temperature and causing drowsiness. Lack of melatonin can result in making you wake up way early than necessary.

Valerian Root

Just like the Valerian steel, Valerian root a is a super powerful herb that is a proven aid to treat sleep problems.


Any kind of nuts like pistachio, almonds, cashews, etc. that are high in unsaturated fats help in balancing serotonin levels and thus inducing sleep.

Foods to avoid if you are suffering from Insomnia

The holistic way of living is not only about eating the right dishes, but it is also about not eating the wrong food items. Coffee, alcohol, aerated drinks, heavy meat, fatty foods, etc. are some of the common dishes that one needs to avoid to overcome sleeplessness. Also, try to have dinner at least 3-4 hours before retiring to bed.

We hope this article helps you in understanding and treating insomnia. Let us know your thoughts and queries in the comments section below.

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