Understanding Chronic diseases

Etiology of A Chronic disease- The Ayurveda Way

Story of Reyhan: Understanding Chronic Diseases  For the past few months, Reyhan has not been feeling well. He was constantly tired and unable to concentrate on his work. He was using the restroom…

Liver and Diabetes : The role of the Live-in Managing Type 2 Diabetes

The Pivotal Role of the Liver in Managing Type 2 Diabetes

The Role of the Liver in Type 2 Diabetes For more than 400 million people suffering from diabetes world over, living with diabetes is a fact of life. For all those who are diagnosed with diabetes,…

Insulin Resistance is responsible for many chronic conditions

High Insulin Is Responsible For Many Chronic Conditions

Is insulin a hero or a villain? There is more to insulin than what meets the eye. As long as you are sensitive to the insulin it is your best friend but resistance to insulin sets a vicious circle of…