Menopause and Weight gain : All you want to know

Menopause and Weight Gain: All You Need to Know

Menopause and Weight Gain- The Problem Menopause is one of the most significant phases a woman goes through in her life.  The Chinese call it the Second Spring denoting a new phase in a woman’s life…

Childhood obesity: Top 7 causes

Childhood Obesity: Top 7 Reasons For The Rising Trend

Some Statistics Who doesn’t love chubby babies? However, when these babies grow into overweight kids, there is a need to worry. Going by the latest reports India has 14.4 million overweight…

How to ensure sustainable weight loss?

Sustainable Weight Loss : Ten Guiding Principles

Every year we make a resolution to shed our extra weight. We make diet plans and follow a strict regimen for a few months and then gradually we lose steam. Why is it so? Why is it so hard to lose and…