It’s not uncommon for children to grind their teeth. Many kids tend to do it, in fact, estimates state that around 33% grind their teeth. Tooth grinding also called bruxism is especially common in kids while sleeping, teething and dealing with stress or anxiety.

While it generally goes away with time, there are a few considerations you should be aware of and you should definitely not ignore it. Read on to learn what grinding of teeth in children signify and how you can prevent it.


Causes of Grinding of Teeth in Children 

Here are some common causes for this phenomenon:

  • Oral Discomfort – Teething, development of teeth, teeth shift and re-alignment
  • Ear Ache – At times children tend to grind their teeth is a response to ear pain during infection
  • Stress and Anxiety – Emotional stress is common for kids and increase the levels of adrenaline
  • Imperfect positioning of the teeth such as jaw misalignment or abnormal alignment of upper and lower teeth
  • Poor Oral Hygiene can give rise to gum inflammation and lead to grinding in kids who do not brush their teeth regularly
  • Parasites and Worms –  Studies suggest that intestinal parasites in children can also lead to teeth grinding. Since the gut and the brain have a close connection through the vagus nerve, the presence of toxins in the body may signal the brain to cause grinding
  • Asthma and Respiratory airway infections can lead to teeth grinding especially while sleeping
  • Dehydration and nutritional deficiencies such as lack of calcium and magnesium
  • Hyperactivity, ADHD and increased aggression in young children can also cause bruxism
  • Allergies and Reaction to Certain Medications like anti-depressants

Signs to look out for 

You should worry if your children show one or more of the following signs and symptoms:

  • Jaw pain and soreness
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Teeth indicate signs of damage like chipped teeth
  • The child is having trouble sleeping and you are able to hear loud persistent grinding while they sleep
  • Damage to soft tissues of the mouth
  • Child complains of lingering pain in the forehead
  • Difficulty chewing food


What Should You Do to Alleviate Teeth Grinding?

If your child occasionally grinds their teeth, you may try the following tips to prevent further complications:

  1. De-worming 

A top cause of teeth grinding in children, especially while sleeping can be due to the presence of worms and parasites in the body. Deworm the natural way using natural remedies to prevent reinfection and attack the root cause of the teeth grinding problems.

  1. De-Stress 

Children also grind their teeth in response to emotional and psychological problems like moving to a new school, exam tension, birth of siblings, problems with parents and more. Talk to your children and identify their problem to put an end to their stress. Try stress-relieving activities like a warm bath, soothing music, bedtime stories, massage oils, meditation and Yoga to help your children.

  1. Healthy Diet 

Encourage your child to eat healthy. Include probiotics in their diet to promote a healthy gut and prevent worms. Also, incorporate nutrients like Calcium and Magnesium to help promote the function of the nervous system.


  1. Night Guard 

If your child is having trouble sleeping and grinding teeth during sleep, you can use this device to prevent the teeth from touching each other. However, dentists recommend this guard only if the child has their permanent teeth in place.

If a child has abnormal positioning of the teeth, it’s recommended to get it checked by a dentist to address the same.


  1. Snoring and Teeth Grinding

If your child is suffering from snoring due to a block in the airways, sinus infection, then a lack of oxygen can also lead them to clench their teeth and push the jaw forward to be able to breathe easily. Encourage the child to breathe easy by practicing pranayama and breathing techniques. Pay Attention if the snoring is too loud and persistent as it can lead to obstructive sleep apnea in the future.

The best you can do to prevent teeth grinding is to create a stress-free environment for your kids and encourage them to eat healthy. Since persistent teeth grinding can signify deeper issues like parasites, infection, stress and respiratory problems, always take note of your child and address them right away.


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