Are you bored with your regular workout routine? Then, you can spice things up with the reverse walking. Yep, walking is a typical workout form that anyone can perform anywhere. When you bring in a change with 10-20 minutes of reverse walking and jogging in your mundane workout routine, you will see some real impact. Know all about health benefits of reverse walking.


What is Reverse Walking?


Reverse walking or backward walking is precisely what its name suggests—walking in the opposite direction of your body. In addition to bringing freshness in your workout routine, reverse walking has multiple benefits for your physical and mental health. 


To practice reverse walking, one should build up the stamina to walk a lot. For this, you should use a treadmill to build endurance to walk under different speed limits. Once you have gained full confidence to walk at high speed on a treadmill, you can gradually start to reverse walk. With the reverse walking technique, you can treat numerous ailments like knee pain. 


Health Benefits of Reverse Walking 


Reverse walking has a plethora of benefits on your body and mind while making workout interesting for you. Some benefits of reverse walking are:


Strengthen your Leg Muscles 


We always walk forward, which doesn’t put much strain on the back muscles of our legs. That results in the weakening of the back leg muscles. Thus, when you walk backward, you can put the muscles at the back of your leg into action and strengthen them. When the muscles at the back of your legs are strong, your hip muscles and back muscles will also be strengthened. 


Less Pressure on your Knees


If you are suffering from knee pain or recovering from the knee injury, putting pressure on your knees isn’t right for you. It can further damage your knee ligaments. Thus, when you walk backward, you are putting less strain on your knee, which will eventually speed up your rehabilitation process. It has been published in various studies that reverse walking can even reduce anterior knee pain.


Sharpen your Senses


When you are reverse walking, you can’t actually see where you are going. You have to trust your gut and senses to direct you. This will sharpen your senses as you are using them a lot. Moreover, reverse walking is against your nature, so it will help in balancing your body and elevate your cognitive control. Your thinking and reflection power will also come alive with backward walking. 


Makes you Happy


Foremost, when you balance your regular straight walking technique with some backward steps, you can effortlessly bring some fun in your workout. Further, you can realize happy hormones in your body with reverse walking. By twisting your walking style, you can instantly uplift your mood and start your day on a happy note. 


Gets rid of Back Pain 


If you are suffering from an acute back pain problem, you should try reverse walking to get rid of your pain. By strengthening your hamstrings, you can quickly cure your back muscles. And, reverse walking is the most common way to improve your hamstrings without much effort. 


Burn your Calories 


Reverse walking is categorized among the Compendium of Physical Activities with numerous other workouts. In backward walking, you are using more energy and effort than forward walking, which pumps your heart faster. Thus, you can burn more calories during backward walking. Moreover, you can change the intensity of reverse walking to increase calories burning rate. You can reverse walk on stairs, doing step-ups, hills, or running. 


Reverse Walking Tips


If you don’t have much practice of walking, you should not directly start reverse walking. You need to first practice the following ways – 


  • In your empty hallways or any other indoor place, you should practice reverse walking. 
  • It would help if you walked on a proper track to avoid tripping or other hazards. 
  • Walk with a partner so that you can keep on talking and can avoid any obstacles. 
  • If you can practice on a treadmill, it is better for you. 


Wrap Up 


By replacing your forward walking technique with some reverse walking, you can easily elevate your physical and mental health. You can start by adding a minute or two of reverse walking to your regular walking to strengthen all the muscles in your body.