Eating healthy is as it is pretty hard when you are in your normal daily routine. It gets even harder when you are on a vacation or traveling officially. Depending on where you are going, there may not be many options and you will most likely be eating out at restaurants at least three meals a day.

While it can be challenging to stay on track when traveling, you can indeed strike a balance. Instead of tossing all your healthy habits out the window when you travel, maintain some healthy eating habits. Plus, you probably will not feel tired or bloated, when you get back home.

When you travel by plane, train or car, your body moves faster and disrupts your circadian rhythm or routine. All this aggravates the Vata Dosha that governs your movement and leaves you exposed to dehydration, indigestion, jet lag insomnia, sluggishness, and anxiety.

Six Tips on Eating Healthy While Traveling 

  1. Take Healthy Options of Food

It is always good to have a stash of healthy snacks such as fruits, nuts, trail mix, pumpkin seeds, and others. When you have snacks handy, you will be less tempted to grab something unhealthy. If you are traveling by car, it makes it even easier to pack homemade food along with you.

  1. Watch those Sips

Drinks never fill you up and are loaded with added sugars that can be detrimental to your health. So, avoid them altogether, opt for fresh juices and smoothies instead. Or simply stay hydrated with plenty of water. Avoid beverages like coffee, caffeinated tea, alcohol, and soda as these can cause dehydration and aggravate Vata. You can also carry ginger infused herbal tea bags and dip them in hot water for occasional sips in between your food.

  1. Reduce the Effects of Jet Lag

When you are traveling across time zones, your body needs some time adjusting to the new place. The best way to curb this problem is to let the sun soak your skin for 20 minutes. This will reset your internal body clock to the local time and stimulate the Sadhaka pitta in your brain, keeping you more alert. Resist the urge to nap at odd times.

You can also try a herbal tea made of Ayurvedic herbs like Jatamansi, Tagara, and Ashwagandha to reduce the effects of Vata and jet lag.

  1. Look for Healthy Choices of Eating Always

Start out with a nourishing breakfast. Most hotels offer a complimentary breakfast buffet which will only lead to the temptation to overload ourselves. Try to focus on having good protein-based foods from the breakfast spread to help balance your blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Try the local cuisine at your destination, but don’t forget to load up on the veggies. That doesn’t mean you always have to eat salads and fruits. Avoid dry, raw, cold and iced foods. Instead try cooked grounding foods like soups, steamed veggies cooked in spices, lentils and kitchari made with ghee. Choose warm, moist and foods with a healthy dose of oil or ghee.

  1. Aid Digestion

People often become constipated when traveling due to indigestion and increased Vata. Try taking a natural Ayurvedic herb Triphala to aid bowel movements and strengthen the gut. It also contains Amalaki that is loaded with Vitamin C to strengthen your immune system as well. However, if you are pregnant or menstruating, don’t take it. Instead add spices like ginger, cumin, pepper to aid digestion naturally.

  1. Massage for a Good Night’s Sleep

With travel comes disruption of your sleep routine. You just can’t get to sleep comfortably in a new place. So, massage your body including the scalp and the soles of your feet with soothing oils. Lavender oils will have a soothing effect and others like Brahmi and Maha Narayana Oil are some powerful choices that will also balance the Vata.

If you have sinus problems and prone to dryness during traveling, you can try Nasya or apply Ayurvedic oils to your nostrils and ears while traveling in the plane.

As you can see, if you are well-prepared to take it head on, you are all set to stay healthy while traveling. It all comes to making the right choices. Explore the local cuisine of your destination, who knows, you might even find some interesting flavors and spices to bring back home.

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