“Over forty? It is time to fix a date for a mammogram.  The cost has come down for this holiday season from Rs3,950 to just Rs1,750,” reads a prominent headline advertisement in The New Indian Express.

When your doctor is diagnosing you, it is common for them to ask ‘Do you or did anyone in our family have any long-term health problems, like heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, bleeding disorder, lung disease or cancer’?  This kind of disease mongering efforts is the root cause of all health problems in our society. For, they kind of instill fear in your mind and you start believing that you too might get it.

Sure enough, if your near family has suffered from any of these diseases, your risk exposure is high. But should it be the only criteria in popping pills to manage the risk? Such an approach will not help mitigate the risk. In fact, your mind governs your health. 


Limitation of Conventional Medicine 

Renowned cardiologist Dr. B.M Hegde states that ‘there is a pill for every ill, but ill follows after every pill’. Conventional Western medicine simply has a cure for each disease but fails to treat the person as a whole. The so-called preventive drugs like Statins and procedures like stents, by-pass fail to address the root health problem and only worsen it.

So, what is the best medicine that can heal your body? In this article, understand that health is not the absence of a disease. It is a state of a complete balance of the body and mind that lets you be enthusiastic and compassionate at all times.

What is Health?

The alma mater definition of health is the absence of disease. But, is your body completely devoid of diseases or infections at any given point of time? If you go for a medical scan, chances of uncovering a gateway to disease are very high. Therefore this definition of health is very narrow.

The ancient text of Ayurveda states that health is “Prasanna Atmendriya Manaha” – the mind, sensory organs as well as the person’s spirit soul must be in a pleasant state. When these are not in equilibrium and not discharging their functions properly, it will lead to a state called disease.

Your Mind Governs Your Health

‘Mind your Mind and it Minds You’. The Human mind is the key to unlock wellbeing and health. There are several types of research that prove how the mind can be used to heal your body. Popularly known as Quantum Healing, if you cultivate positive thoughts and surround you with positive emotions, you can correct diseases.

The mind is a canvas of our thoughts and is part of our consciousness. The body is a holographic projection of your consciousness. Therefore to have control over your body, you need to have control over your mind with a genuine intention to heal.

In a book called Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert was the first person to show that opiate receptors reside outside the brain. She predicted that the time is not far when we get a headache we will have to sit in a quiet corner to meditate and elevate our consciousness to get total relief from headache instead of consuming the so-called pain-killer pills.

The same goes for heart diseases. Almost everyone with chest pain and family history is advised to get Anginas, Stents and by-pass surgeries to prevent blocks in the arteries. But the truth is that everyone has some sort of heart block during their last decade of life and it’s a part of natural wear and tear of the heart.

In a study by Dr. Carl Stonier, it was shown how meditation was effective for heart patients. This study had 40 patients who practiced guided meditation over the course of one year and 6 patients left the bypass surgery waiting list.


Mind Over Body


The best strategies for a healthy life are:


  • Change of Mode of Living 

Your lifestyle should include adequate sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise, and diet. This will help to ease your mind, but only if you have the will to adopt healthy practices.


  • The Tranquillity of Mind 

Contrary to popular belief the mind does not reside in the brain nor does it reside in any organ of the body. It resides in every human cell at the sub-atomic level. Remember that Matter is made of energy and it is this energy that controls the body making sure that all the organs work in tandem and follow each other’s rhythms.

And, the most dominant rhythm is the breathing rhythm – if one knows how to breathe properly, it could help to keep them healthy. This is the essence of the ancient Indian practice of Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation. Every one of us should master the right breathing technique and keep the mind tranquil through meditation.

  • Drugs, rarely, if ever

The human body is not a machine made up of distinct parts called organs. It definitely cannot be mended by treating the damaged organs alone. Instead, the human body works as a whole in tandem with nature. Drugs only help to manage health conditions and rarely cure your problems. A top cause of deaths today is through ADR or Adverse Drug Reactions since with every pill there is a side effect and it takes a toll on the liver.


Mind your Mind to Be Healthy

Birth and death are not in our hands. Your health is certainly in your hands only if you make up your mind to live healthy. A happy mind leads to a happy body. Hippocrates, the father of medicine once stated that “ Cure rarely, comfort mostly, but console always”. The power of comfort, hope, and consoling is vested within the mind and the first step of tacking a disease is to believe that you have the natural ability to overcome the disease. Therefore, make your mind as a friend, not an enemy.  Your mind governs your health.



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