Many people believe that meditation is not for them. It is only for the monks and wanderers who practice meditation to achieve salvation. But little do they realize the meditative state is their original nature and meditation is for everyone.

To realize your original state observe small children 

To fully understand your original state, observe small children…how blissful and Zen-like they look, living in the present moment absorbing and open to all the life’s possibilities. Their alignment with life forces makes them more alive, joyous, and ecstatic than any older people.

The valid question to ask, therefore, is how does one land up from this pristine state to becoming a slave to the machinations of one’s mind. Why growing up involves living in either past experiences or future plans?

For most people, as they add years to their lives, the past becomes a ready reckoner for future actions. Their lives become a mundane array of repetitive worries, anxiety, and stress with rare moments of true happiness. Many take to drinking, drugs, and excessive sex to escape the constant chattering of their brains. But the relief from such methods is transient and sooner than later they get beset with depression and other self-destructive tendencies.

Regain your meditative state 

The only way to live is to regain your true meditative state.  It requires a little practice to begin with as you need to open your senses to the experiences of the present moment instead of living in the past or future. Gradually living in a moment becomes your second nature. For a practitioner, a simple act of walking may involve paying attention to the touch of the ground, the rustle of clothes against the skin, and the state of surroundings she is in.

Meditation is for everyone 

Meditation is a way of life. It is not some esoteric art form only for the monks. Meditation is nothing but paying attention to life as it passes you by – from one moment to another. Living in the present moment imparts a deep state of stillness of mind that helps you not only to face challenges of life with equanimity but also encourages creativity and original thinking.

Create an ecosystem for the meditative state to thrive 

As a society, we need to pay attention to creating an ecosystem where kids instead of losing their meditative abilities build on them. We can create a nurturing environment at homes and schools that encourages rootedness in the present moment. Lessons need not be boring and remote from the experiences of the child. Being with nature, learning by doing, and encouraging inquiry and questions with purposeful breaks from all activities to observe and experience would help children to remain connected with their original nature.

It is never too late 

For older individuals, it is never too late, to start practicing meditation. The present moment awareness is the starting point. You can start with short meditation practices where you use breath or some other object to remain anchored in the present moment. Gradually increase the time of practice. Soon this present moment awareness will pervade every aspect of your life. Your repetitive thinking would slow down and you would start experiencing life fully.

A regular practice of meditation would help you to accept vagaries of life with ease and develop the resilience to face any eventuality. Therefore, do not wait, start meditating to realize the full potential of your life.

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