The cancer epidemic in India is really scary and frightening. According to the report by the National Cancer Prevention and Research Institute, by the year 2020, more than 17 lakh new patients in India can get cancerous.  Even though we dread it, it’s something that an estimated 1/3 to 1/2 of us will hear in our lifetime.

Etiology Unknown

What is even more terrifying is that despite millions of money spent each year on cancer research and cures, we are nowhere close to even finding a cure or cause of the disease. Cancer often epitomizes the phrase “Etiology Unknown”. 

Of course unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, drinking alcohol, genetics are some obvious culprits. However, the role fungus might play in cancer is often unexplored. In this article learn how fungus plays a pivotal role in the growth of Cancer cells and how to eliminate the fungus from your body.

The Connection Between Fungus and Cancer

The role of fungus, mold and its byproducts are not clearly understood by modern medical science. They are rather busy researching at more expensive methods of cancer cure and various chemotherapies. Many doctors even balk at the idea. Despite this, there are several hints that fungus may play a very critical role in cancer.

Fungi are known to produce chemical byproducts as part of their lifecycle. One of these chemicals are toxic in nature and know as mycotoxins. These mycotoxins are a direct cause of cancer outbreak. For example, a mycotoxin named aflatoxin is a carcinogenic mycotoxin known to cause liver cancer. Other mycotoxins are known to be genotoxic and mutagenic.

Furthermore, it is stated that certain fungi have the capability to actually mimic certain types of cancer. They produce a sac called ascomycete, that can appear to be cancer. In fact, in a European medical journal, doctors found conclusive evidence that a breast cancer tumor was actually a sac fungus.

Long-term Exposure to Antibiotics cause Cancer

The very first antibiotic discovered was penicillin and did you know what all these antibiotics have as their base ingredient – mycotoxin or toxins released from Fungus or mold. It is these mycotoxins that destroyed the harmful bacteria that cause infections. According to Dr. Doug Kaufmann has a written a whole book devoted to how these mycotoxins present in antibiotic drugs directly increase the risk of Cancer.

It is true that antibiotics kill infection faster. But as a downside, it also kills the friendly bacteria that form the lining of your intestines. 80% of the immune system originates in the gut, so anything interfering with the gut causes more problems in the long-run including Cancer.

A one or two-course of antibiotics is fine, but an over-exposure is definitely a contributing factor to Cancer and other ailments.

Natural Ways to Reverse Cancer through the Fungus Link

  1. Identify the Cause and Eliminate it

There are several ways how you can ingest fungus in your system –

  • Signs that you have Fungus in your body – Look at your tongue. The tongue should typically be pink from the tip to the bottom. If it’s thick with white scrapings then it denotes the presence of the fungus. Other signs include white patches in skin, eczema, sinusitis.
  • You can breathe it in from moldy conditions in your home or other infected areas. So, always keep your surroundings clean and ensure that there is no mold in your home.
  • It can get in through your skin. Check your cosmetic products, makeup products, make-up brushes and more. It can be lurking in your cosmetic products without your knowledge and long-term exposure can cause a massive breakout of candida, fungus, and yeast in your body.
  • Eating Mouldy food can lead to a direct ingestion of fungus into your system. Refrain eating anything that has mold or yeast.
  1. Refrain from Taking Sugars

Sugar is the favorite food of cancer and fungus. They tend to literally live off your glucose receptors and when you drop the sugar, you are starving cancer letting them unplug themselves. Even sugar from fruits can be a concern so it’s best to avoid them if you have cancer. Also, it is essential to drop carbohydrates and wheat as they generate glucose as well.  Instead include healthy vegetables, nuts, legumes, lentils and seeds in your diet

  1. Herbs that Kill Cancer

There are several potent herbs that will kill the unhealthy fungus in your body without damaging your healthy cells. Some of them include bloodroot, oregano, Berberine, Citrus seed extract, Garlic, Curcumin and Sulforaphane foods like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Kale greatly deplete and kill cancer cells. Also, include foods rich in antioxidant properties.

  1. Keep your gut healthy 

Repopulate your gut with healthy bacteria. Your gut is your first line of defense against an outbreak of infection including Cancer. So, a strong ecosystem of microbes in your gut is essential to keep any diseases at bay.

  1. Alkalize your Diet

Cancer and fungus breed in an acid environment. If your body is constantly in an acidic state due to an unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating habits, include alkaline-rich food to your diet. Leafy green vegetables, millets are some choices.

  1. Explore Alternative Treatments

Alternate medical practice use sodium bicarbonate wraps to treat cancer effectively as it said to greatly alkalize the body by neutralizing the acidic state. Other unconventional methods include ozone therapy and Hyperbaric oxygen therapy that increase the supply of oxygen to your cells. Both cancer and fungus tend to be anaerobic and generate their energy in the absence of oxygen. Once in the bloodstream, they can colonize certain areas of the body and deplete oxygen supply to that part. So, increasing oxygen flow will help to reverse them.

A hidden fungus in your system might be a direct cause of cancer outbreak in your body and ignoring this unrecognized problem can cause a lot of health hazards. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment is not the only solution to cure cancer, exploring the fungal link to cancer can open up positive solutions to eradicate cancer as well.

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