Face Oils have returned back into shelves and have been popping all over your Social Media feeds now. Turns out, facial oils are in fact totally worth its hype. Despite what its name implies, face oils will not really leave your face oily. It can work with all skin types and deliver a whole lot of benefits. Read on to find out why natural face oils are best for your skin.

Like Treats Like – Oil Treats Oil

The predominant trend in the skin care industry has long been to strip your skin of oils through cleansers and scrubs. However, the ancient practice of Ayurveda has long followed a facial massage with oil.

This is because of its ‘like dissolves like principle’ – when you apply facial oil, it dissolves excess oil on the skin and helps to remove dirt and build up. Where a water-based facial cleanser will not be able to reach, a facial cleansing oil does an effective job to remove bad oils along with dirt, grime and make-up caught within the pores of your skin.

Better yet, oils are replete with essential nutrients like fatty acids, polyphenols, and anti-oxidants that help the skin to maintain its moisture and defend itself from radicals and pollutants. This is the reason that oils are used as a carrier ingredient in all your skin care products. This is because they are able to penetrate deep into the skin and thereby enhances the efficacy of all other ingredients infused with it readily.

Cleansing Face Oils

If you have already not tried, oil cleansing, give it a thought now. As the first step before, rinse your face with water or gel-based cleaner and then follow it up with cleansing facial oil. Get rid of excess oil along with any dirt.
In addition, cleansing your face with oil will also ensure that your skin’s pH balance is not thrown off, as opposed to harsh chemical facial cleansers. The important thing is to retain the skin’s moisture while also getting rid of excess oil.

Oil to Moisturize Skin

Certain natural oils can be used alone, or along with others. These are nourishing to the skin, they feed the skin with essential lipids, fatty acids and plant-based components called polyphenols.    
When it comes to oil as a moisturizer, you will have to choose the right one for your skin type and look for serums that help balance oil production. Also, keep your skin hydrated so that you are able to preserve the skin’s moisture.

Oils for an All-round Protective Effect

A common and gripping skin problem is that of Acne. There is a misconception that oils are bad for acne. Yet light oils especially citrus oils can come to your rescue. Most people with acne try to dry their skin out, which is one of the worst things you can do. Instead apply light facial oils such as Jojoba, squalene and tea tree oils to get rid of acne-causing bacteria and balance your oil to water ratio.

The Right Oil For Your Skin

Here is a guide to help you pick out the right facial oil according to your skin type:

Oily Skin

People with blemished, oily skin shudder at the thought of applying oil on their face. However, plant-based oils are non-comedogenic, which means they will not clog pores or cause breakouts. Some oils you can try are Jojoba, tea tree, squalene, and marula. They are light in texture and will not let your skin feel greasy.

Dry Skin

Coconut oil is best suited for dry skin as it is full of fatty acid and helps to lock in moisture along with its anti-bacterial properties. Another option is Marula oil that is harvested from the nut of African Marula Fruit. It works great for dryness, irritation, and inflammation.

Normal Skin

Extracted from the nuts of Moroccan Argan Tree, Argan oil is your best bet as it’s packed with Vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It has got anti-oxidant properties and helps to balance oil production as well.

Squalene oil extracted from olives is another alternative. The molecular structure of this oil is close to that of your skin. Therefore, it penetrates deep into the pores and boosts blood circulation, leaving your skin naturally radiant.

Combination Skin

This skin type has both oily patches and dry patches. Marula oil, grapeseed oil, carrot seed oil, and coconut oil work with this skin type and gives the skin adequate moisture without clogging pores. Packed with antioxidants, beta carotene, vitamins all these oils are light texture.

For Anti-Aging Effects

Rosehip Seed Oil is one of the top anti-aging oils. This oil helps to protect and hydrate skin, fight free radicals and reduce wrinkles. Moreover, the vitamins and antioxidants restore skin elasticity, help to correct dark spots, and reduce the appearance of scars.

Contrary to popular belief, these oils are good for skin, providing instant moisture with a finish that it is not greasy. Another plus, these high-quality natural oils are also budget-friendly compared to other skin products. Try out these oils for your skin and experience it for yourself.