The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in unprecedented times of fear and uncertainty. Nobody knows when this novel coronavirus can strike. Till now, there is no proven medication or vaccine to treat the infection. However, doctors claim that a person with strong immunity can fight the virus effectively, even if diagnosed with it.

While good hand hygiene is a must, there are many yoga postures you can practice from the comfort of your homes to boost your immunity naturally.


Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Triangle pose is a yoga pose that works to strengthen the core and legs. It also helps with breathing by stretching the fascia around the lungs. It is a therapeutic pose that enables you to release tension and build a healthy immune system.

Stand with your legs apart. Keep your left knee little bent as you move sideways to touch its toe with the left hand. Work to equalize the feeling of length and breathe out as you take your leading hand down. 

Yoga poses to Strengthen Immunity

Anuvittasana (Standing Backbend Pose)

Backbends are a great pose to release stress as they are effectively detoxifying for the adrenal glands. Taking the Camel Pose to a modified version, Standing Backbend pose has emerged as a vital pose for opening the respiratory system and strengthen your lungs.

Stand in mountain pose. Slowly, lift your upper body upright and then back. Place both the hands above the glutes on the lower back for support. Breathe in and extend your body backward while you hold your breath. Exhale as you gently come back to your original position.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Bow pose helps in stimulating the reproductive organs and strengthening the abdominal muscles. It opens up neck, chest, and shoulders while toning the legs and busting stress and fatigue.

Lie straight on your stomach. Fold your knees and slowly take your hands back to hold the ankles. Inhale and hold your breath, keeping your body in a bow shape for some time. Exhale after 15 seconds as come regain the initial position.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Bhujangasana expands your chest and opens the neck and the shoulders. It improves the flexibility of your upper and middle parts and boosts blood circulation. It helps you bust stress and reduces fatigue by also treating breathing disorders like asthma. The cobra pose is essential in toning the abdomen and strengthening immunity.

Lie straight on your back and keep your toes flat and legs together. Place your palms under your shoulders and make sure the elbows are parallel to each other. Breathe in and lift your upper body slowly, starting from the forehead to the chest and abdomen. Make sure to put equal pressure on both palms and don’t overstretch. Exhale and slowly come back to the initial position after a few seconds.

Shishuasana (Child Pose)

Child pose is the best yoga pose among all in terms of strengthening immunity. It profoundly calms down the nervous system and relaxes the back. It decongests the chest and works efficiently in building a secure defense system in the body. Although children are said to be less immune, their pose can help adults fight any disease or virus.

Sit on your heels with hips on heels and hands stretched up. Bend forward and try to place your chest on thighs. If you are a beginner and can’t go that much down, it’s okay. Don’t force your body at once. You’ll eventually get it. Keep your hands stretched forward with palms facing up. Hold the position for around 20 seconds and come back on your heels to relax for 10 seconds. 

Other ways to strengthen the immune system

Yoga is a unique method to build a healthy immune defense system. However, there are several other daily habits that, when combined with daily yoga can speed up the process and strengthen your immunity.

  • Get proper sleep. The more your body gets to sleep, the more immune it becomes.
  • Include whole plant foods in your diet. Foods like nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds, lentils, and legumes are a great source of healthy immunity.
  • Have healthy fat. Foods like salmon, chia seeds, and olive oil contain healthy fat that helps in decreasing inflammation.
  • Control added sugars in your food.
  • Keep your body hydrated.

Do yoga regularly and prepare yourself and your family to fight the virus-like no other way possible.