With the current pandemic crisis and nation-wide lockdown in India, it is a very critical time for all to stay safe and escape from the clutches of this lethal virus. We all are now aware that the virus gains entry into your body through direct contact or indirect contact from contaminated surfaces. 

Even though proper hand sanitization and wearing masks serve as a primary external defense mechanism to minimize the impact of this virus, you also need to boost your internal defense system. In order to prevent the penetration of coronavirus, internal cleansing measures to boost your innate immunity is very crucial.

   The Ayurvedic Way for Preventing COVID-19

In the ancient Ayurvedic texts of Charaka Samhita, there is a whole chapter known as “Janapada Dvamsa Vyadhi” dedicated to world-wide epidemics that advocates the practice of Dhinacharya as primary prevention.

As implied by the name Dhinacharya or daily routine, it involves regimes that need to be done regularly to stay safe and minimize the entry of pathogens. Following are some of the dhinacharya procedures that can be followed:

  1.     Achamana – Sipping of Tulsi Water

In Ayurveda, achamana means sipping or splashing of water on the eyes and face. In this context, sipping tulsi water, preferably lukewarm, throughout the day can minimize the penetration of pathogens. This will keep you well-hydrated, and as the virus enters through your mouth, the water will help it wash down from the throat to your stomach, which serves as an acidic medium to destroy the virus.

Besides, the anti-viral properties of tulsi will also help to fight the infection. According to a study, tulsi has shown tremendous potential to fight the H9N2 influenza virus.

  1.     Anjana – Collyrium – Application of Kajal in Eyes

It may be possible for an individual to get infected by touching contaminated surfaces and touching the eyes after that. To avoid this, applying kajal can act as a mechanical barrier against the penetration of the virus. Also, the person will not rub or touch his eyes too often because of stickiness.

  1.     Nasya – Nasal Drops

The practice of administering two drops of slightly warm medicated oil in each nostril will keep the interior nasal canal sticky and minimize the entry of COVID-19 droplets. One can apply sesame/coconut oil or ghee known as PratimarshNasya in both nostrils morning and evening.

  1.     Dhumapana – Medicated Smoke Inhalation

This procedure involves inhalation of medicated smoke where the smoke is inhaled through the nose and exhaled through the mouth. For this purpose, commonly available turmeric rhizome can be used. Dip the turmeric rhizome in oil and ignite it with fire until smoke comes. Then inhale the smoke through your nose and exhale through your mouth and do it for 3 to 4 minutes every day. A study conducted to analyze the ethnopharmacological or pathogen-fighting property of turmeric smoke has proven that it is a potent disinfectant.

  1.     Manage your Agni – Digestion, and Metabolism

According to Ayurveda, if you keep your Agni or digestive fire strong illness will not thrive. This is an excellent way of prevention and to keep your Agni strong, practicing a healthy lifestyle is essential. Waking up early in the morning, brushing teeth, tongue scraping and oil pulling, doing Yoga, and Pranayama, eating light warm home-cooked meals are essential measures to follow.

Staying Healthy and Panic-Free

Staying indoors always is a cause of concern for all and can lead to more stress. Moreover, the COVID-19 news is always ticking with growing numbers of cases and deaths. With events, travel canceled, and the general economy slowing down, how to sustain our livelihood is another pain point.

A lot is being done at every level to contain the outbreak and that is most important than anything. The best thing you can do now is to stay panic-free so that your Ojas and immunity are high, and you are less susceptible to the disease and its associated negativity.

Going forward, self-care, balance, and resilience are of utmost importance and our ancient medicine of Ayurveda has carved out the right path of prevention to keep diseases at bay.