Millennials, the tech-savvy generation born between the years 1981 to 1996 are known for valuing their health and wellness . They are first one to engage in pursuits like organic shopping, Yoga, meditation and several other fitness programs.

However, despite this reputation millennials are also the generation that is facing health problems and degenerative diseases earlier on in their lives. In this article know some powerful health mantras for the millennials yo stay healthy in the long run.

Millennials Love Wellness but They are Not As Healthy

According to a report from Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, a major decline in health begins at age 27 for millennials. Out of 10 common health conditions affecting the millennials, 6 are behavioral conditions including depression, hyperactivity and 4 are physical health conditions including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, digestive and endocrine issues.

The research has also found that women millennials were in even poor health than their male counterparts. Women are consistently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, depression and endocrine problems like thyroid issues at higher rates than men.

Five Health Mantras for the Millennials to Stay Healthy

1. Detox Your Body

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for health issues amongst millennials is due to chronic exposure to toxins through the air, water and food. Nowadays the food we eat is more adulterated than ever before. As more and more toxins accumulate in the system, the liver is burdened and is unable to detox your system naturally.

Support your body to detox naturally by providing the right nourishment in the form of antioxidants, Vitamins and minerals that help to detox the body. You can also take advantage of Ayurvedic Detox Programmes like Panchkarma to schedule regular detox routines so that you can reset and revitalize your liver function.

2. Nutrient-Dense Diet

Compared to other generations, millennials are more engaged with food. Dining out casually on Sundays, office outings, partying over the weekend and thanks to food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato, millennials are hooked to eating out. This takes a toll on the digestive system and leads to overconsumption of processed food that is devoid of essential micronutrients.

Millennials should engage themselves more in home-cooked healthy meals. Even while eating out, ensure that it is not too frequent and try to scope out the menu in advance to avoid overeating and other temptations.

Eating a well-rounded diet that is personalized to your own body type is important to ensure that your body gets the right type of nourishment. Stick to a plant-based diet rich in natural produce, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains. Stay away from anything ‘refined’ and processed.

3. Exercise Well for Physical Fitness

Sitting is the new smoking and millennials who often work at corporate offices spend long hours sitting at desks for hours a day. Get up from your computer, take a break from your gadgets at least every half hour, take the time to stretch and breathe. This will ensure that you get a physical and mental rejuvenation as well.

Simply going for a walk will not do. It is essential to get your heart rate up and engage in exercises that exert your lung capacity. So, take the time out from your busy routine, go for a jog, do Pilates, dance or play some sports.

4. Take a Break From Technology to Boost Mental Fitness

Apart from physical fitness, mental fitness also matters. As more millennials are hooked to gadgets and often pass their day from one gadget to another, they are exposed to more mental stimulation and hyperactivity than ever. It is essential to have some ‘me-time’ – sit in a space quietly, engage in hobbies and reflect on your thoughts so that you can focus better and get your share of mental relaxation.

4. Sleep Well

Staying up late is another common phenomenon amongst millennials. Winding down and sleeping early according to your body’s circadian rhythm can go a long way to protect your heart and reduce your risk of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Have an effective sleep routine inducing your body to get quality deep sleep and wake up to a fresh start every morning.

5. Don’t Delay or Avoid Care

Studies suggest that for millennials, seeking medical attention is too much of a pain and most only seek urgent medical care facilities to treat ongoing problems. They tend to overlook body signals and pretend that all is well without proper emphasis on preventive measures.

So, get your routine checkups done, it’s never too bad to start early for it’s vital to uncover if you have any health issues before it is too late.

Although you may think that you are at the peak of your life, millennials are more vulnerable to health-related issues. Take charge of your health from an early age before things get out of hand and adopt a healthy lifestyle for a better future.

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